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Preveshni Ried

Team Leader:  Marketing & Events

To whom it may concern:


It has been a pleasure working with Timaan Esterhuizen from Shake an Strain as a PE based Event Planner and supplier. Our relationship started in 2014 and has grown in leaps and bounds. She has proven to be a major asset to my team and proven ability to resourcefully manage and prioritize our projects. She has a high level of integrity, connectedness, persistence and going beyond the call of duty.


Timann is a strong leader and gifted in doing business with various types of people. She will be a valuable asset to any company taking her on as a supplier.



Preveshni Ried

Team Leader: Marketing & Events | Audit Graduate Recruitment

Deloitte & Touche, 20 Woodlands Drive, Woodlands Office Park, Building 6, Woodmead, 2052

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Champagne Events

Mandy Watson


When I started looking back at our history together, I realised that Shake and Strain has been one of our loyal, committed and long standing service providers since I launched Champagne Events in Port Elizabeth ten years ago.  What could have sometimes been a long and windy road has actually been a wonderfully easy and very smooth working relationship and I believe that this is the direct result of your absolute professionalism and hands on working approach to each mountain we have climbed together… and there have certainly been a few!

Thank you for hiding those “behind the scenes curve balls” from me so well.  Thank you for pulling rabbits out of hats when there were no rabbits.  Thank you for producing miracles when there seemed to be no cure and thank you for making us feel like we were, and are your only shining clients… always.

Working with you is effortless Timann, and you are a true inspiration and role model. 

Party Design EC


                    Donna de Lange


I have been an events coordinator in Port Elizabeth for almost 14 years and dealt with a number of companies in the event services industry. I have worked with local and national suppliers and created events on both small and large budgets. I feel that I have worked the full scale of event possibilities and as such feel that I would be a reliable source of confirmation on the skills and services provided by another business or business person in the industry.


Shake and Strain  – and Timann Esterhuizen – would be on the top of my list for referrals to clients not just based in PE, but on a national scale too. Timann is honest and reliable and always willing to assist. She has a natural warmth and charm and it is carried through to her relationships with her staff and clients. She is well respected by her staff and has natural leadership. Timann is the brain behind the Eastern Cape branch of the business and carries the full burden of the operation. She does so without fail and is always found on site, hands on, working with her staff as opposed to delegating to them. I have dealt with Timann for events in both my professional and private capacity and received great service on all occasions. I have worked with Timann on weddings, cocktail parties, breach braais, formal banquets, themed events and on all occasions have been impressed by how smoothly the events have run & how reliable she and her staff were. I think her staff are a testament to her own personal business attitude and reflect the amount of time and work she has devoted to building her business.

The company as a whole offers a service that is unrivalled in the Eastern Cape (and nationally) and provides our market with a standard at which to set the benchmark.

I only recommend Timann to my clients and encourage businesses and private clients alike to call her directly, as she is personable and always willing to assist. I am able to call Timann at any time of the night or day and she will go out of her way to assist. She is at all times professional, always live up to her promises and embodies what women in business should aspire to be – strong and independent, but willing to work in a team and create growth for her own staff and team.

Shake and Strain has flourished under the leadership of Timann and continues to grow to greater heights. I am convinced that Timann will go on from here to create more opportunities for herself in business as she has a keen awareness of the market and market related needs.

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